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• Protects skin from disintegration keeping it soft and supple
• The Fort cleaner is ideal for removing heavy dirt;
• the foam dispenser ensures that the hard cleaner longer
• The protective cream (Leather Protector) contains antioxidants and UV filters.
• Can be used on car seats, sofa sets, bags and jackets
• The amount is usually sufficient to treat a complete interior of a car or a set of sofas
• Made in Germany

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Application: smooth skin by car or upholstered furniture. This Set Contains:

1 x Soft Cleansing or Strong, 125ml
1 x Leather Protector, 150ml
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x sponge for the application of Leather Protector

The amount supplied is usually sufficient to treat an interior of a complete car or a couch. The cleaning materials and maintenance of the skin to be used over the entire surface. If dirty, the leather should be cleaned thoroughly before applying the product for conditioning (use soft detergent or delicate for normal dirt, for heavily soiled surfaces use the Strong or strong detergent). The cleaning will avoid that dirt is fixed on the surface of the leather. Ahead of stubborn dirt, we recommend the use of the brush for cleaning ColourLock, in order to remove dirt deep within the skin’s structure.

Use of Leather Protector, thanks to its antioxidants, prevents aging of the scalp and with its UV filters, the leather surface and protected from fading. In addition, restores suppleness to the skin.

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