Who we are

Since 1964, Ferraris Color is a retailer of the best international brands for paints and products for car bodywork, ship, wood, building and industry.

Ferraris, the first years of the paint factory

About 100 square meters in the central Via Locatelli in Bergamo for the first store of Vittorio Ferraris, who after ten years of commercial experience in manufacturing companies in 1964 chooses to start an independent business with his wife Natalina. On the shelves, in addition to paints for bodywork and industry, also colors for construction, wood and fine arts.

Colorificio Ferraris, a family history

The business developed quickly and within five years the Colorificio Ferraris moved to a new space in via Noli in Bergamo, doubled the size and soon the children Gianmario and Lorella also took up the challenge by becoming part of the project, which grew thanks to a series of collaborations with Italian and international companies.

From Colorificio to Galassia Colors and the major international brands

At the beginning of the nineties, the Ferraris family further expanded the paint factory, adding a new space in the city managed by Gianmario and by Rita Mombelli at the Galassia center, dedicated to the bodywork, industry and nautical divisions: 950 square meters in addition to the historic headquarters, designed to offer a broad and differentiated service to the customer, is Galassia Colors, which marks the launch of a partnership with the largest paint manufacturer in the world, the Dutch company Sikkens. A prestigious collaboration that supports the one already in place with Dupont, another important leader in the sector.

2012 - Oggi
The business moves to the current headquarters in Mozzo (BG)

Ferraris-Colors Group today: a benchmark for the paints sector. 

Today Colorificio Ferraris is official retailer of Cromax and Palinal for car bodywork, Damiani and Palinal regarding the industrial application. Since 2014 Galassia Colors sells products from the global leader of the field, PPG. Next to a wide selection of brands such as 3M, Saint-Gobain, Mirka and Henkel, we offer a consultacy service to help you detect the most suitable products for your needs.


Oggi Colorificio Ferraris è rivenditore ufficiale Cromax e Palinal per la carrozzeria, Damiani e Palinal nell’ambito vernici industriali. Dal 2014 Galassia Colors invece distribuisce i prodotti del leader mondiale del settore, PPG. Accanto alle vernici un’ampia gamma di marchi come 3M, Saint-Gobain, Mirka e Henkel ampliano il servizio offerto al cliente con prodotti complementari.