Gelson disposable cups 850 ml 125 micron

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• Gelson disposable cups
• 850 ml
• 125 micron
• 50 cups, 50 lids, 24 caps, 1 free rigid cup

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Disposable cups for Gelson paints
Capacity 850 ml – Filter 125 μm – Pack of 50 pieces
Disposable paint cups, for preparation for spray gun paints.

The Gelson disposable cup kit includes:

50 disposable cups (capacity 850 ml)

50 lids with 125 microns filter

24 caps

1 rigid cup free

Disposable cups for paint preparation, ideal for all painting operations.

The disposable system is a reference point in the body painting, allows the optimal management of paint products with preparation and material saving.

The disposable system has revolutionized the preparation procedures in the bodywork and solved the problem of managing the great variety of paint products.

For proper operation it is necessary to have the specific adapter for grafting on the paint gun.

Main advantages of the disposable cups system:

Greater efficiency: a single cup to mix and spray the paint; Reduced time required for cleaning the spray gun
Material saving: allows you to mix less paint thanks to the optimal material transfer
Improved safety: reduced to the minimum the use of solvents, the operator’s exposure to solvents and the disposal of solvent waste, VOC-COV reduction (volatile organic compounds);
Faster and easy to use system: mixing, spraying and disposal;
Best quality: closed system, no external contamination; Painting guns work with any angle.
The Gelson disposable kit includes 50 600 ml liners, 50 covers with a 125 microns filter, 24 caps and a free rigid cup in each box.

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