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RUTSCHER battery 3.1 The ETSC 125 Li-Set
The ergonomic one-handed sander battery.
The new battery-powered compact sanders RTSC 400, DTSC 400, 125 ETSC ensure mobility and freedom of the exclusive movement when working. The powerful battery Bluetooth® Ergo 18 V and 3.1 Ah ensure equivalent performance connection to the electricity network. And it is the key to an extremely compact constructive structure with a balanced weight distribution, perfect ergonomics and only 1.4 kg of weight. The built-in suction in combination with the dust bag Longlife allows to handle the machine in a versatile way – minimum fatigue also with the work over-head, vertically or points difficult to reach. The Bluetooth® battery allows to work in a particularly convenient, in combination with a Bluetooth®-compatible mobile suction Festool and guarantees that in AUTO mode, the vacuum cleaner will be started automatically when the sander battery. For an unlimited operation, the battery can be replaced with a network adapter plug en – ideal for stationary applications in combination with a Festool mobile dust suction.
• Compact and ergonomic: without cable and hose, with perfect ergonomics, construction height and contained only 1.4 kg of weight
• Powerful: the Ergo 18 V battery in combination with the EC-TEC brushless motor provides a power comparable to that of corded tools
• Seamless: thanks to the 3.1 Ah batteries that last longer than it takes to load them
• Unlimited operation: for an unlimited electrical operation, the battery can be replaced with a plug en mains adapter (included in the set, and available as an accessory)
• Powder and healthy: with the dust bag Longlife in extremely durable polyester fiber non-woven fabric or in combination with a mobile dust extractor
• Less work location: PROTECTOR for gentle sanding down the surfaces of windows, frames and fixtures.
• Aspirate in a comfortable way: the battery communicates via Bluetooth with the Bluetooth module of the mobile unit CLEANTEC suction (for CT 26/36/48 postmontabile as an accessory for the CT MINI I and MIDI I directly integrated) and starts automatically the movable suction unit of the power sander battery
Main applications
• Polishing without cable, where one or electrical outlet is not available is very difficult to bring it (eg. On the outside, on the scaffold)
• Working in mobility when the power cord and hose for suction are a source of disturbance (eg. In vertical surfaces, smoothing over the head, in the finishing of edges, …)
• Ideal for vertical surfaces or work overhead
• One-handed sander for small and narrow surfaces
• Removal of paints and varnishes on window frames, door frames and eaves of the roof
• With plug en network adapter as sander with unlimited duration in continuous electrical operation – ideal in combination with a Festool mobile dust suction when working inside
• Working with the aspiration in a comfortable way – In AUTO mode, the Bluetooth® battery automatically starts the mobile unit Bluetooth®-compatible suction

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