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• Ideal treatment for new car leather sofas and leather garments pigmented
• The sealing protects the scope of in the car entrance of discolorations, abrasions, stains and color transfer
• We recommend to apply the product after cleansing skin
• The duration of the protective treatment and for 3 months
• Made in Germany

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The sealant Skin ColourLock in 1000ml package reduces abrasion, stains and color transfer on the leather seats and sofas. It provides protection for smooth new leather and very worn.

The sealing protects the input field in the car or sofas from rapid wear. discolorations of the skin in clothing are also decreased significantly.

The new skin should be treated with our sealant The Skin ColourLock within the first three years. The new skin does not require any special care, but rather an effective protection against wear and abrasion traces and discoloration from clothing. Bags, belts and wallets usually begin to show typical signs of wear during the first months. This is prevented by the sealant for leather. Treat these areas every 1-2 months.

Indications: Always test the product first on a hidden area for any changes! The seal is applied after cleaning or after staining and before treatment with Leather Protector of ColourLock. The sealing must be applied exclusively on clean skin.

Wet a cloth lightly with sealant ColourLock skin and let it dry without subsequent polishing. Apply a thin layer of sealant ColourLock skin from one seam with a cloth and let it dry. One application is sufficient. Repeat every three months on taut surfaces. The older skin also should be treated with Protective Cream for Skin Leather Protector of ColourLock hour after sealing.

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