1010389 SATA RPS disposable cups disposable 300 ml with filter 125 uM 40 pieces

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SATA RPS (Rapid Preparation System) is the system of disposable cups to optimize costs and productivity in the process of painting. SATA RPS facilitates the painters’ work, increases their productivity and drastically reduces the consumption of water-based paints and / or solvent. Below we listed the main benefits:

One cup – four functions

Mix paint
Recharge paint
Keep paint
Simply brilliant – only three components
The use of RPS is already only so simple because it consists of only three pieces:

A cup
A cover
A filter
No need for additional pieces. No other disposable cup system with the same functions can be used with fewer pieces!

No adapter
Spray Guns SATA with QCC (Quick Cup Connector) have a very short channel material without unnecessary corners and edges. This prevents sediments of material inside the gun and allows a simple and reliable cleaning.
These advantages persist fully with the RPS because RPS is the only disposable cup system that fits directly – without any annoying adapter – on your spray gun SATA. By combining SATA RPS and SATA gun with QCC you have the right prerequisite for high quality paint jobs.

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